Taekwondo     PROGRAMS

                                                           A new journey

All new beginners are welcomed to our first initial classes throughout the week.

We welcome everyone of all ages to join classes where each student will start their new journey as a taekwondo practitioner.

RhonRoseMartialArts wants to help you  lead the way on creating a fun and eventful path for your future goals and successions. All new beginners will attend the 5 – 6 PM class throughout the weekdays, 12 – 1 PM on Sundays, as well as 10 – 11 AM on Saturdays.  Classes are taught by Instructors Alexis Agurrie and Rose Lagran

Junior and Seniors

After developing and creating a strong foundation of basics, students move up and join a more developed class. These classes will expand on the basics creating a higher level of training and learning experience. Athletes will be able to train harder and really began to show the difference in their abilities in comparison to the time the athletes have started. Junior and Senior athletes will attend the later classes from 6 – 7 PM throughout the weekdays, 1- 2 PM and 2 – 3 PM on Sunday as well as 11 – 12 AM/PM and 12 – 1 PM on Saturdays. These classes will be conducted by Instructors Alexis Auggire and Rhon Lagran.

High Performance Athletes

High performance are classes that go more in dept towards training regimens in order to provide a higher standard of training and outcome. High Performance classes are meant for athletes that strive for a higher quality of competition and training. Not only does RhonRoseMartialArts Enjoy the thrill of competition but we also enjoy the thrill of being able to take an athlete to the top of their competition. High performance classes are currently held only on Tuesday from 7 – 8 PM taught by Rhon Lagran. More High Performance classes will be coming soon

Private beginner lessons

RhonRoseMartialArts understand that coming into a new environment knowing little of what should be done is hard as well as common. We provide private classes with instructors that will teach you the basics of what we have to offer in order to get you started on a high note. We want to make sure you have a great experience on your first official day and that you do not feel left out. Private beginner lessons are not always needed and you are able to join a regular class at any time. These classes can be schedule at any time in consideration of the owners availability as well as the instructors availability. Private beginner lessons will be taught by Rhon Lagrn.

 Private lessons

Here at RhonRoseMartialArts, it is very common to feel shy or uncomfortable with the amount of people during training hours. We want everyone to be able to experience the amazing sport of Taekwondo so in consideration of the owners availability as well as the instructors availability, we would like to provide private lessons to those in need of these classes. These class will be conducted by Rhon Lagram

Demonstration  Team

At RhonRoseMartialArts it is not uncommon for us to be asked to preform on stages other then a competition stage. RhonRose is commonly asked to preform demonstrations of our martial arts at many different events. In order to do so our gym has created a demonstration team where we focus on presenting our martial arts to the public in many different ways. training sessions are a closed class and are available to those who have been invited to attend. Class times are to be determined in consideration of the owners and instructors in charge. Class will be conducted by Rhon Lagran.


Arnis/Eskrima/Kali is a Filipino martial arts that consists of many different fighting styles using all parts of the body as well as a heavy focus on weapon fighting. It is a highly combative martial arts which is heavily used in many military based training. Rather then focusing on the sports side of martial arts Filipino martial arts focuses on real life application providing students with a high standard of self defense that can applied in any real life situation. Filipino martial arts is great for all ages and does not require any special back round to succeed. Classes are held every Sunday at 9:30 – 11:50 AM by instructor Dref.

Party time

Our facility is a great home for training and honing your skills but it is also great for enjoying yourself with great parties. RhonRoseMartialArts have a fair share of fun parties but are not limited to just our needs. If you need a party look no further, rhonrose will do just the job. In consideration of the owners,  everyone is able to hold their own party at our gym. Its party time!!!